Westlake Students Score High on ACT

Westlake High

Westlake High School seniors scored a 26.8 average on the American College Tests (ACT) taken last spring, scoring well above the state average of 20.6 and the national average of 20.8. The 26.8 average score is .4 higher than the 2015 seniors.

Of the 594 students of the Westlake High School Class of 2016 who took the ACT, 67 percent met the ACT college readiness benchmark scores in all four subject areas: English composition (English), college algebra (Math), introductory social science courses (Reading), and biology (Science). Only 26 percent nationwide met the college readiness benchmark scores in all four areas.

In individual areas, ninety two percent of Westlake seniors met readiness scores in English, compared to 57 percent nationally. Eighty four percent met Math readiness scores, compared to 42 percent nationally. Eighty percent met Reading readiness scores, compared to 43 percent nationally. And, 73 percent met Science readiness scores, compared to 35 percent nationally.

“While no single measurement can evaluate success, our students’ progress on the ACT shows that our emphasis on college ready and college successful students is working,” said Westlake High School Principal Steve Ramsey. “We attribute this success to all of the dedicated teachers who play such a valuable role in our students’ achievements.”

“College readiness” scores represent a level at which students would have a 50 percent chance of earning a “B” or higher or about a 75 percent chance of earning a “C” or higher in first-year college credit courses.