Rollingwood Roundup: Oak Wilt and Planting Bluebonnets

From the City of Rollingwood, we have two reminders/announcements for residents – an announcement on the prevention of Oak Wilt and an invitation to help beautify the city:

Reminder about Oak Wilt Ordinance

The cutting of Oak trees is prohibited in Rollingwood from February 1 to June 30, due to the City Ordinance Sec. 8.06.006: Oak Wilt Ordinance. This ordinance prohibits the cutting of Oak trees during this period each year in order to minimize the risk of Oak Wilt in the Rollingwood community. Oak Wilt is a tree disease that can cause the death of trees, and the disease is more likely to spread in moderate weather conditions.

Residents may call Rollingwood City Hall at 512.327.1838 with any questions.

Plant Bluebonnets in Rollingwood Park

Are you ready to see fields of bluebonnets while enjoying Rollingwood Park? You can be a part of making this happen!

Residents of Rollingwood are invited to plant bluebonnets in Rollingwood Park on March 4, 2017 for It’s My Park Day. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Lower Park, volunteers can help plant 300 bluebonnet plants and also mulch trees and flower beds. All ages are welcome, and it’s suggested that volunteers bring their own gloves and tools, such as wheelbarrows, pitchforks, and shovels. Lunch will be provided to volunteers! Sign up through this link, and then check in at the lower Park Pavilion on Nixon Drive.

Questions? Contact Joanne Parker with the Rollingwood Park Commission at 512.826.3551.