Eanes ISD to Curtail New Transfer Students

Westlake High School In Eanes ISD

The Eanes Independent School District Board of Directors elected to disallow new, non-employee, out-of-district transfer applications for the 2017-18 school year at two campuses – Westlake High School and Hill Country Middle School. Other campuses, such as Cedar Creek Elementary School and Bridge Point Elementary School, have limited capacity for transfer students and will accept few to none in the coming year.

The change follows concerns from parents and staff that some campuses were becoming too crowded and that transfer students were competing for benefits, scholarships, and sports positions against in-district students. These concerns were voiced at both the April 4 and April 25 meetings, with the decision made at the April 25 meeting.

An Eanes ISD press release suggests the “resident population is projected to slowly rise, thus affecting class sizes and facility capacities.” The release said that for nearly 15 years, the district has allowed transfer students as a way to generate revenue and that board members acknowledge curtailing transfer students will have a potential financial impact. As a result, the new policy will be open for adjustments and reevaluation each school year, based on enrollments and budgets.

Transfer students who are already in Eanes ISD schools will be allowed to remain in the district, provided they remain in good standing.

The Superintendent’s report said with a meeting in March and three meetings in April, “the Eanes ISD board meetings have been packed with healthy discussion on topics such as transfer students, District goals, a new Transportation/campus dismissal program, the Spanish Immersion program and much more.”