Eanes ISD Implements New GPA Policy

Westlake High School

The Eanes Independent School District Board of Trustees implemented a new Grade Point Average policy for the Class of 2022, this year’s seventh graders. The change follows discussion at the March 7, 2017 and April 11, 2017 school board meetings, as well as recommendations from a focus group including an original GPA committee, teachers, department heads, a counselor, the Westlake High School principal, and parent stakeholders.

The push for a new GPA system was based on reducing stress for students and improving academic choices. The school board approved three changes:

Pre-AP and AP courses were changed from a multiplier weighting system (1.1 and 1.2 multipliers, respectively,) to a system that will add 5 points and 10 points, respectively, to the grade earned. The names will change for both weighting categories. “Pre-AP weighted courses” will become “Level 1 weighting,” and “AP courses” will become “Level 2 weighting.” Level 1 weighted classes will also include designated Career and Technical Education courses (CTE) and additional courses as designated by the school board. All courses with their weightings will be labeled in the high school course catalog.

Westlake High School students will be required to take five classes that are non-weighted but included in GPA calculation, with three of these classes requiring completion prior to their senior year.

Additionally, the school board will establish procedures for breaking ties for the rankings of Valedictorian and Highest Ranking Graduate.