Eanes ISD Approves Employee Pay Raises

Westlake High School In Eanes ISD

The Eanes Independent School District voted almost unanimously at a recent meeting to approve a three percent pay raise for all of its employees. The move follows successful voter approval of the Penny Swap and Drop proposal on the November 2017 community-wide election ballot. The proposal effectively swapped district monies in order to allocate more usable funds to Eanes ISD without increasing the tax rate. The raise will go into effect retroactively to the beginning of employees’ contract start dates, which generally are the beginning of the school year.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, the only dissenting school board vote came from board member Jason Paull, who supported a raise but wanted more certainty with future budgets. “I’d love to give teachers a 10 percent raise, but unfortunately we’re forced to make budget choices. I was in favor of a step approach,” Paull was quoted as saying by the Statesman.